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Our bold mission is to cultivate a community where individuals and families engage with ethical mental health specialists and all healthcare professionals dedicated to upholding the principles of informed consent, medical freedom, and respect for personal autonomy. In the face of widespread ideological and industrial deception, we will provide access to a spectrum of science-based health information across disciplines, empowering people to make informed decisions about their mental health and overall well-being.

Our online community, which will launch late 2024, will:

  • Introducing a searchable database designed to empower individuals and families in accessing ethical mental health specialists and healthcare professionals within their locality. Committed to upholding the principles of informed consent, medical freedom, and personal autonomy, all clinicians in this database have pledged adherence to the Conscious Clinician Compact and are part of our collective.
  • Our platform grants access to a diverse array of science-based health information spanning multiple disciplines. By providing this comprehensive resource, we empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding their mental health and overall well-being.
  • We are building a vast network of mental health and healthcare professionals who are deeply concerned by the pervasive distortion of mental healthcare and evidence-based treatments, a result of decades-long pharmaceutical industry deception. We need you to join our mission if you believe in the core principles outlined in the Conscious Clinician Compact.

    To be listed as a member, there is a $99 membership fee and signed pledge to uphold the core principles stated in the the Conscious Clinician Compact.

  • Driven by an unyielding faith in human resilience we are dedicated to leading a transformative movement in mental healthcare. We are calling for an army of supporters to join us in achieving our target of $150,000 to initiate this life-saving and life-changing initiative. This investment is crucial as initial funding is needed to launch the online platform and programmatic initiatives.

    Our goal is to keep this resource accessible to all, free of charge. This is only possible with the support of individuals dedicated to furthering our mission. Please consider a donation today.

    The Conscious Clinician Collective is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

  • We're embarking on a bold mission to revolutionize mental healthcare. Our objective is straightforward: to connect individuals and families with ethical health practitioners who respect your personal values and champion your right to medical freedom and informed consent. By fearlessly challenging the established norms of the medical authority and the psychiatric industry, we're transparently revealing the limitations and potential harms of psychiatric diagnoses and treatments.

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Our Board

The Conscious Clinician Collective founding board members are made of esteemed healthcare professionals and advocates who are dedicated to championing transparency, informed consent, medical freedom, and hold the belief that we stand at a pivotal moment in the evolution of Western societies.

Roger McFillin

Roger K. McFillin, Psy.D., ABPP

Kristina Kaiser

Kristina Kaiser

Dr. Ben Rall

Ben Rall, D.C.

Dr. Kristin Reihman

Kristin Reihman, MD

Kim Witczak

Kim Witczak